ROSA® Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

Mr Rajaratnam is an expert on ROSA Robotic assisted Knee replacement being the first surgeon to use ROSA robotic technology in the U.K. within the private sector.

Robotic-assisted technology for knee replacements

We agreed the way forward for me would be to replace my knees one at a time using the ROSA® Robotic System. The robot would assist Sam in ensuring my implants align perfectly and allow for a relatively quick recovery. Remarkably, after my surgery, I was in no pain.”

Nick – a patient


Designed by scientists and doctors, with the understanding that one size of implant does not fit all, the ROSA® Knee System uses technology to help your surgeon tailor the placement of your knee implant. By collecting detailed data about your anatomy, Mr Rajaratnam can make informed decisions to ensure your knee replacement fits you perfectly.

This bespoke fit results in better soft tissue balancing and kinematic alignment, allowing you to live with a more natural-feeling knee.
The ROSA® Knee System technology supports better patient outcomes and higher reported patient satisfaction with knee replacement procedures.


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