Two knee replacements puts keen cricketer back at the crease.

After managing increasing knee pain with physiotherapy, Nick chose to replace both of his knees with Mr Rajaratnam. Nick tells his story of how Mr Rajaratnam and the ROSA® Robotic Knee system got him back to what he loves best, giving his grandchildren piggybacks, and playing cricket.

“I have always been active; I have played amateur cricket and football for most of my life, and even now, I am a member of a couple of senior cricket teams. Despite a life playing sports, I suspect I inherited my bad knees from my mother, which no amount of physiotherapy could prevent.

Around five years ago, I noticed that my knees were getting sore. I saw various physiotherapists and doctors, but as the pain wasn’t too terrible, we kept putting off the inevitable. 

Taking long walks, a particular passion of mine, was getting more challenging, and playing with my grandchildren was becoming almost impossible. 

I spoke to a GP who suggested I see Mr Sam Rajaratnam. Upon meeting Sam, we agreed the way forward for me would be to replace my knees one at a time using the ROSA® Robotic System. The robot would assist Sam in ensuring my implants align perfectly and allow for a relatively quick recovery.

Remarkably, after my surgery, I was in no pain. In the first week, post-surgery, I was walking using crutches; the week after, I was using Nordic walking sticks. Now I only use one stick, and I’m up to walking 7k steps a day whilst still undergoing physio.

I have arranged for my second knee to be replaced already with Sam. I am determined to be back playing cricket with both knees replaced!”